From additional cleaning measures by our FM team to the renewed efforts to keep our building smoke free: we continued our efforts to provide a healthy work place for our tenants throughout 2020.

Since the start of the pandemic in late January 2020, the GECQ cleaning crew increased and intensified their disinfection frequency and kept our building safe for all of us who work here. Their efforts are ongoing and are a big part of what has kept us feeling healthy and safe here in the Ecopark.

The new AED equipment at our reception in the GECQ lobby is another step towards improving our work environment: with FM supervisor Ms. Guan being trained in its correct application, it can save lives in a coronary emergency.

Safety measures in any building include fire prevention and not only should there be regular equipment checks but also evacuation drills. Our last fire drill on 19 November reminded everyone to use the stairs, leave the building and go to the safe dedicated assembly point when the fire alarm goes off, and we are hoping to steadily increase the number of regular participants among our tenants.