The GECQ was proud to be a part of Qingdao’s German Companies’ first Open Day and Family in September. It was a beautiful sunny Saturday that saw many visitors learning about the German companies that are part of the city’s business community and having fun answering our little quiz about the similarities between Germany and China:

Do you know how similar China and Germany can be?

  1. In 2019, China celebrated its 70th anniversary – Germany, too! True or false?
  2. Chinese has both, traditional writing and modern/simplified writing – Germany has both, as well. True or false?
  3. Everybody loves eating Chinese Jiaozi, Germany has traditional German Jiaozi. True or false?

The answer to all three questions is TRUE:

  1. Germany accepted its constitution, the “Grundgesetz” on 23 May 1949 which counts as the day on which the new German state came into being after WWII.
  2. “Sütterlin Script” was created by the Berlin graphic artist Ludwig Sütterlin (1865-1917) and taught in German schools from 1915 to 1941. It was also called “German handwriting” and is a standardized form of the earlier and quite different chancery writing which was mainly used by government officials.
  3. Germany’s southwestern region is home to the delicious “Maultaschen”, literally “mouth pockets” that can easily be compared to Chinese jiaozi with both meat and vegetable fillings available.